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Top Design Tips For Creating a Clutter Free Closet

Top Design Tips For Creating a Clutter Free Closet

You start every single morning in your closet, preparing for the day ahead. So why not make the space that sets the tone of your entire day into an organized sanctuary? We’ve outlined top tips and have called in one of our leading closet designers here at ITALKRAFT for ways to transform and declutter your dressing space. As a Senior Designer and Architect who has worked with Italkraft to create living spaces for some of the world’s top celebrities and most exclusive hotels and condos, Paola Bonet understands the concept of smart design and the need for organization among our daily chaos:

There are a few elements that can help improve overall organization on a daily basis, and decluttering a space as personal and integral as our closet can truly help start each day on the right foot. While we all may wish for a complete closet overhaul, there are key items that are easy, affordable and convenient for anyone to incorporate into your own closet design that make a big difference. I’ve listed some of my top organizational items below.

My Must Have Organization Items:

Accessory inserts or dividers for the drawers help keep any special items such as jewelry, watches, special collections, and delicate clothing clean and reachable. They also create beautiful displays, turning our favorite pieces into works of art that we can appreciate on a daily basis. Showcasing our top accessories, inserts elevate every morning routine to that of a shopping excursion in a fancy boutique.

Pull-out hanging racks make amazing use of space and provide a way to always see your wardrobe in a clutter and stress free manner. These smartly designed hangers optimize functionality, save space, and ensure wrinkle-free and hassle-free mornings.

I am a huge fan of pull-out drawers and shelves and utilize them in almost every closet I design for Italkraft. The secret to making a closet as zen-like as possible is to hide any clutter while keeping our everyday elements convenient and close at hand. I utilize shelves and pigeonholes to place out the items I use most often and then I bring in both functional and fashionable elements such as the leather boxes pictured above to hide items that I don’t use as often. This creates both an aesthetic element as well as a simple way to organize unseemly clutter

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