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Tips for Designing the Perfect Kitchen


Kitchens are the most challenging space to design within a home. Often the center of the household and a prime gathering area, kitchens are not only important for dining and entertainment, but are the showpiece of a home. Below are expert tips for designing the perfect kitchen.

1. What to consider first when designing the perfect kitchen. First, you must consider how you'd like to use the space, the size of the available space, your budget, and the type of aesthetic you want to achieve. Deciding all of this upfront will allow for smoother sailing, as you and the team working alongside you will have a clear idea of your wants and needs. 

The key to designing the perfect kitchen is to have a refined attention to detail and layout to seamlessly blend the kitchen with open floor plans and ensure it has maximum functionality. For those looking to enhance their home kitchens without going for a full redesign, installing different accessories and adding a touch of uniqueness and individuality goes a long way in upgrading kitchens. 

Another tip is to replace the kitchen countertop and bring in completely different materials or colors for a new look and feel. Lastly, work with existing cabinets and replace them by integrating glass cabinets and doors. This will not only open up the kitchen space to make it appear larger, it will add a sense of elegance to the cabinet wall space, and bring in new beauty with a 3D effect.

2. Choosing the right materials, finishes, and appliances. There is always a way to make a space work, and what’s most important is putting the right materials together for style and livability, especially in kitchens. 

Natural stones such as granite, limestone, and marble are great in kitchens as they make the space feel luxurious, and bookmatched marble is a timeless addition to any kitchen. Kitchens made entirely of stone and wood with natural and light tones elevate the space for an minimalistic yet elegant look. All-wood kitchens made with materials like teak and walnut bring in the concept of nature and give the space warmth, making the kitchen cozy and comfortable. Kitchens made of stone and wood with natural and light tones are a beautiful way to create an elegant, yet warm and soft space.

Use bold, contrasting tones and materials for a natural yet sleek and sophisticated kitchen. Incorporate bold accents to all-wood teak kitchens to create this upscale modern look. To make a kitchen feel open and airy, create a feeling of indoor-outdoor living with a natural flow with the use of materials such as teak wood veneer with statuario marble, light oak wood floors and black accents which carry throughout the house to accomplish a fluidity between spaces. 

To maximize space, emphasize tall ceilings with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, and opt in for a movable kitchen island or a long kitchen island to connect the kitchen to outdoor patios, creating a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

When it comes to appliances, keep in mind kitchens have large appliances that need to be properly fit into the space for practical day-to-day use while also using design elements to make the space beautiful. It's important to make the space look integrated and make sure the appliances flow nicely while also being useful. Disappearing appliances create a sleek and  clean, clutter-free, minimalist kitchen. With this design, you get to keep all of your appliances and items while gaining the ability to conceal everything and achieve a chic space. 

3. Selecting the perfect designer for your kitchen goals. When designing the perfect kitchen, it’s important to hire a team of professionals to recommend the best kitchen design for your home and your vision so they can provide you with a plan of the best course of action. Hiring a team of professionals is imperative to designing the perfect kitchen because a lot of work goes into each element and every detail in kitchen design. 

ITALKRAFT is an ideal choice for individuals looking to design or remodel their kitchens, as the firm uses their craftsmanship and expertise as they work hand-in-hand with individuals and designers to reflect their exact visions, using only the finest materials. Established in 2011 by founders Alex Xakoustis and Raul Gutierrez, ITALKRAFT is a front-runner in custom-designed kitchens, bathrooms and closets, combining Italian craftsmanship with the finest materials. The design firm utilizes a manufacturing hub in Italy to craft products of exceptional design and quality, sourcing materials from the Adriatic Coast. Its high-end designs are featured in some of the most luxurious single family homes in South Florida’s poshest neighborhoods, as well as in luxury hospitality and multifamily residential developments in South Florida, New York City, Atlanta, Texas, California and Mexico. 

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