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8899 Beverly Blvd – A Luxury Residential Project Accentuated With Italkraft’s Italian Craftsmanship


Los Angeles County is home to many architectural marvels in both commercial and residential domains. There are well-known classics like the Bradbury Building and Union Station that almost everyone knows about. On the other side, there are modern hidden gems like 8899 Beverly Blvd, quiet and classy examples of luxurious living.

The 10-story tower with 40 residences and eight single-family mansions (Rosewood Houses), which collectively make up this Olson Kundig project, represent some of the best construction elements available worldwide.

From door handles handcrafted by Tom Kundig and Vitrocsa glasses to Italkraft's world-renowned kitchens, closets, and bathrooms imported all the way from Italy, each aspect of this project incorporates best-in-their-class elements.   

8899 Beverly Blvd – A Classy Architectural Dream

The original 8899 Beverly Blvd was designed as a classic example of mid-century modern architecture and was completed in 1964. Its design and the fact that it was the building for Los Angeles International Design Center made it a neighborhood icon.

Olson Kundig was tasked with transforming this important building into a residential complex, which required a delicate balance between preservation and creation. The architectural firm had to retain the building’s original character and charm while creating something new that blended with its surroundings.

As the tallest residential building in the neighborhood, the 8899 Beverly Blvd condominium naturally stood out, but it is also synergetic with the aesthetic aura of the area around it.

The Tower Residences

The 10-story residential tower includes 40 residential spaces of various sizes – from one-bedroom condos with an area of 1,119 square feet to four-bedroom apartments and a penthouse. Two core guiding principles for this project were:

  1. Seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor experience.
  2. Incorporating the modern design that was in sync with the surrounding neighborhood.

These principles manifest themselves in almost all design choices. The top-of-the-line, Swiss-made Vitrocsa glazing system allowed the design firm to achieve adequate environmental durability while virtually eradicating the indoor-outdoor difference with thin, 0.75” frames and ultra-thin glass.

French white oak flooring, white oak doors, and leather-bound bronze door handles contribute to a subtly luxurious residential experience that's both comforting and intimate.

The Rosewood Houses (And Fredrik Eklund)

The eight Rosewood Houses are unique, quite literally. Each is named after the element or material that’s dominant in its design. There is a steel house, a stone house, a garden house, and a concrete house. These eight two-story mansions are exclusively represented bycelebrity real estate broker Fredrik Eklund.

Italkraft’s Contribution To The Project

The 8899 Beverly Blvd Project is an example of subtle luxury and class. The architects of the project incorporated the best construction materials and elements from all over the globe. This includes Brazilian Luce di Luna stone, German glass, and a Swiss glazing system. Perhaps the most heavily represented manufacturer in the project is Italkraft – headquartered in Miami with a production facility in Italy.

Italkraft manufactured and installed all the kitchens, bathrooms, and closets in 8899 Beverly Blvd’s tower residences and Rosewood Houses.

The highlights of the kitchen installations are:

  • ●White Oak, which is cherished for its smooth grain and durability, was used for cabinetry.
  • ●The precious and beautiful Italian Calacatta gold marble was used for the countertops and adorned the kitchen walls as the backsplash.
  • ●To enhance the light diffusion quality of the stainless-steel hoods so it complements the overall ambiance, a custom Angel-Hair brush process was used.

The bathrooms in the project also reflect Italkraft’s Italian finesse. Italian silver travertine was used for the stone floor. The bathtub is also from Italy; an Agape Spoon made from the trademarked material Cristalplant. A custom white oak vanity complements the overall “wooden” theme. A rain shower with stone benches completes the exquisite overall look.

Italkraft – A Smart Choice By Olson Kundig

8899 Beverly Blvd has been iconic since its inception, and Olson Kundig's masterful transformation of the original commercial building into a grand residential tower required achieving perfection in the new creation. This meant a compelling architectural design and incorporating materials that would reflect the spirit and strength of the transformation.

Italkraft’s bespoke manufacturing and high-quality products proved to be more than a perfect match for the project. They blended into the new design and complemented other construction material choices. Most importantly, Italkraft’s products would appeal to the target clientele of the project – Individuals focused more on the design, aesthetic, and quality than price.

Italkraft – The Right Choice For Every High-End Construction and Remodeling Project

As one of the most sought-after luxury real estate projects in Los Angeles, 8899 Beverly Blvd is an amazing stage for Italkraft’s high-end products, but it’s just one example. Italkraft’s kitchens, cabinetry, and bathrooms adorn hundreds of structures in the US alone. Commercial buildings, mansions, luxury condos, remodeled high-end co-ops in NYC, expensive penthouses, and a smattering of other real estate have incorporated Italkraft’s products into their designs.

From off-the-shelf products available in the showrooms to the complete custom work Italkraft offers to its customers, everything reflects the Italian craftsmanship and artistic soul, making it more than just high-end. The products have character and class that can augment and accentuate almost every design they are part of. This makes them the perfect choice for new constructions, remodels, and revamps in both residential and commercial structures.

Italkraft works with a wide array of individuals and business entities, including developers working on new construction or a transformation project like 8899 Beverly Blvd. They also work with designers that wish to leverage Italkraft’s craftsmanship and quality into their design and commission kitchens, cabinets, closets, or bathroom installations that reflect their exact vision.

Since custom work and design are Italkraft’s forte, they always manage to manifest a designer’s dream (and design) into physical reality. The company also works with individuals working on smaller projects like kitchen remodeling.

This makes Italkraft an ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-end kitchen, closets, and baths, and it prioritizes quality over everything else.

Photo: 8899 Beverly Blvd

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