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ITALKRAFT’s Diana Viera shares five trends to keep in mind for your next closet redesign.


Make a statement with dark wood

“Statement tones are becoming increasingly popular in home design, and the closet is no exception,” says Diana. Dark wood tends to evoke a sense of luxury and elegance. How to incorporate the dark tones will depend on the overall look you want to achieve. “If you’re looking for contrast, use dark wood in combination with a lighter lacquer to accent the wood tones by applying it to specific elements of the closet like drawers, shelves, or an island. Mixing the two materials will not only achieve an interesting contrast -- it will also help reduce the cost by avoiding using wood for the entire closet.”

Add glass for sleek glamor

Glass doors are typically used as accents to the closet, sort of like the “jewelry” to compliment your outfit, but they also serve a purpose. From a utilitarian standpoint, glass doors are added to sections of the closet that are meant for storing items you want to protect from dust and natural light but they also add glamor. “Our doors have a reflective ‘mirror’ glass that is semi-transparent,” explains Diana. “It gives you the look of a mirror, but when lit up from the interior, it looks elegant and showcases the items stored inside. It also helps to reflect light around the room, giving the appearance of a bigger space.”

Lighting is everything

“Adding lights to the closet really elevates the look and is very practical, allowing you to see everything,” says Diana. There are two types of applications for LED lights; they can be integrated horizontally and vertically. Horizontal LEDs are commonly used on all shelving and hanging sections, whereas vertical LED lighting would be used in a section where there is a glass door, so the light filters through the entire cabinet.

Accessories are necessities

“Accessories are a must for closet organization. It’s the smallest detail but we find for clients it’s very much needed for everyday use,” explains Diana. Closet accessories include jewelry or sunglasses trays, drawer dividers for belts and ties, pull-out valets, pull-out tie and belt racks, and hampers. “Most of these accessories will be placed within drawers or behind a door. The valets are installed on the face of the shelves allowing you to hang your clothes and put together your outfit.”

Take it to great heights

The standard closet height is eight feet, but ITALKRAFT designs floor-to-ceiling closets for a more impactful, elegant feel that also gives you more storage. “Taking a closet full height really does make an impact -- and you can never have enough storage,” she says. Having the additional space above eight feet gives you the opportunity to store those seasonal items above rather than taking up space needed at arm’s reach. It’s also an opportunity to create a display at the top with glass doors and lighting, where you can house prized possessions like handbags. And in case you’re concerned the extra height might be inconvenient, ITALKRAFT has a solution for that. “Some people might fear that the clothes would also be too high up, but we have accessories that will allow you to pull-down the hanging rod with the clothing on it for easy access,” explains Diana.

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