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Designing a Chic, Timeless Kitchen Using Blonde Wood


White oak is a classic go-to that looks elegant against natural stone counters and can work in a minimalist and traditional design schemes alike  

Go for a Modern, Minimalistic Look

“Blonde wood lends itself well to a tone-on-tone color palette, which usually consists of three materials with the same tonality, blending in with each other. Limestone and natural wood are very timeless. For the third material, you could do lacquer. If you want more contrast, Calacatta marble looks great with white oak. 

“French white oak is such a versatile material because it’s strong and cost effective. The grain is more simple––the pattern and color are very consistent throughout––which gives you a more minimalistic look and feel. 

“To make it chic and not dated, install it in a way that looks more modern by doing away with baseboards and incorporating integrated doors. The dated ‘70s wood paneling we think of had the paneling in sections, and then the casing around the door and baseboards. We’ve done away with all of that now––the casing is no longer there, the baseboard is no longer there, so it has a much more minimalistic feel. And frameless doors help make it feel very modern, with their concealed hinges and modern hardware.

“If you want to make a big eye-catching statement, do millwork on the walls, full-length cabinetry and ceiling. Balance it out with a stainless steel island and range hood, which will blend in and provide a reflection of the beautiful surrounding millwork––the star of the show. Too much wood can start to feel like a wooden dollhouse, so breaking it up with a material that complements it is key.”


Diana Viera of ITALKRAFT suggests going minimalist as she did in a blonde wood kitchen in Bal Harbour, Florida.



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