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“Miami is an obvious fantastic cultural melting pot, the association with glamour and show business both from the past and the current time and the more recent huge design and art and music explosion. Most of my clients from all corners of the planet know Miami and love it.” – Mark Davison

An international lifestyle brand and one of the most consummate design and development companies, London’s Yoo Studio prevails behind the most extraordinary residential, hotel, and leisure developments to date, with a presence that spans its experience in 26 countries around the world. Co-Founded in 1999 by international property entrepreneur John Hitchcox, and renowned designer, Philippe Stark, Yoo Studio’s ultimate mission is to elevate and touch people’s lives through conscious design. Directed by Head of Design, Mark Davison, the Yoo experience is enhanced by the proficiency of its artisan’s range of architects, interior and product designers that proffers a divergence of style and sophistication to suit the lifestyles of today’s affluent buyer. A new partnership between the brand’s, allows the expansion of offerings from Yoo to benefit from Italkraft’s seamless manufacturing and sourcing of materials that brings forth a new culture of design that sharpens their footprints in various regions across the globe.

“For years, we worked with many kitchen manufacturers all around the world, but we would often have to work hard to achieve a sympathetic design collaboration with most, wanting less “design”, without all the latest funky gadgets. People today are less interested in the owning and display of a trophy kitchen and with the wish for it to be kept polished like a new car than for something that really works for them in the way they live their lives, something that will mature and grow with them. We not only share a strong belief in exquisite craftsmanship, we found a partner who can supply quality kitchens across our global reach and have exceptional experience in working around the world. Our collaboration will allow us to not have to keep reinventing the wheel and focus the energy on the bigger picture of the design of a project,” enunciates Mark Davison.

Their first project initiates in one of the most historical and oldest cities in the Caribbean, with the launch of Yoo’s and Venezuelan construction powerhouse, Grupo Zagalo’s first 121-unit boutique residences and hotel projects in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Ideally located at the intersection of Calle Gustavo Mejia Ricart and Calle Freddy Prestol Castillo, just moments away from the prestigious Blue Mall area, the elite can enjoy the finest shopping and culinary experiences among the likes of Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Café SBG. Antonio Segundo Imbert, co-founder of Simples Arquitectura, is the lead architect responsible for the design of the tower; a stylized 14-story building with commercial spaces, that will be home to Santo Domingo’s only private landscaped rooftop.

“ITALKRAFT is glad to be working with YOO Studio. We are always up for new challenges, and with YOO Studio always being at the fore of innovative design, we know they will push us to great limits to achieve a unique product fitting each one of their concepts. I think that this will be the beginning of a new era for us,” contributes Raul Gutierrez.

“This unified vision of our collaboration is the first on a number of projects with Italkraft, in which will benefit our aesthetics and meets the needs of the client budget. We will step carefully into realizing the greater advancements of the partnership, as with all of our projects, the goal begins with a great foundation and continually improves to evolve from there. Just as Italkraft, we try whenever possible to look at any opportunity, to be more careful in what we take and what we give back through sustainable practices, philanthropic endeavors and a number of outreach programs around the world. I would not say we are angels, but we do have more weight than many designers to influence clients and local authorities to encourage them to think along these lines too, even if it might be more interesting to them as a marketing point, every little bit can help if it’s done with conviction. Our strange company name {Yoo} is meant to remind us that what we do is not all about “us”, ” shares Mark Davison.