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The Evolution of Kitchen Design: How the Center of the Home has Evolved

The Evolution of Kitchen Design: How the Center of the Home has Evolved

The kitchen is the gathering place in every home, and with each passing year, their designs evolve. Today’s most coveted kitchens involve open spaces, central islands, subway tiles, and breakfast bars. However, rewind even just ten years back, and the styles were completely different. Since opening its imported Italian doors in 2011, ITALKRAFT has been at the forefront of many of the design world’s biggest trends and coveted looks, and we’ve asked them to highlight some of the kitchen’s biggest trends throughout the past decade.

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In 2011, curves were all the rage. Rounded sinks, bowed cabinets, and curved handles dominated artistic kitchen designs. Elliptical curves were a way to break up the monotony of box shapes and rigid lines. Kitchens were eclectic with many color schemes incorporating different materials, unlike the clean-cut design styles of today.   simple modern kitchen From HGTV

In 2013, there was a modern shift and a return to linear design. Stainless steel appliances took preference to multi-colored, and an overall natural color scheme came into play. Designers began utilizing greens and wood tones as well as installing “hideaway” compact features we see today optimizing and decluttering counter space. kitchen design 2015 trends

In 2015, neutral earthy tones stayed a popular choice, while copper and brass accents alongside stainless steel became a popular design and color scheme. A more industrial aesthetic began taking over, and large multi-purpose islands became statement pieces and focal points. Smart Kitchens appeared incorporating convenient technological advances and modern appliances. kitchen7 e1531593471564

Design trends of today have continued evolving, some in line with styles from the past and others innovative and future forward. Convenient appliances and technological advances make for more comfortable cooking, built-in custom organizers keep things orderly, integrated appliances maximize space, and “hard-working” multi-purpose islands are focal points of the space. ITALKRAFT is on top of style trends, remaining a leading innovator in the evolution of kitchen design.

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