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Spring Has Sprung: Kitchen Design Trends To Keep an Eye On


Over the last year, the design world has seen a shift in clients’ wants and needs for their homes. The pandemic has forced us to take a closer look at our spaces, what works best for our current and evolving  lifestyles, what brings us joy and a feeling of peace, and what defines each of our personal design aesthetics. Moving into new seasons, our clients are looking for a fresh start and ways to spruce up their spaces and now, all eyes are on the kitchen - the focal point of entertaining and cooking. To touch on this further, we caught up with ITALKRAFT’s managing partner, Diana Viera, to discuss her take on trends to watch out for in 2021:

Colorful kitchens - Colorful kitchens are making a strong comeback. In the past, white and monotone kitchens were a big trend, but during the pandemic people developed more personal relationships with their homes, leading to unique, functional and brightly-colored kitchens. 

A stronger relationship with nature - With more time spent indoors in this last year, people seek to incorporate the outdoors as much as possible into future designs. We’ll likely see more windows and glass rather than tiled backsplashes. We’ve designed a few kitchens with glass backsplashes in the past and it’s a great way to incorporate the nature and greenery of the outdoors without disrupting cabinet space or even creating the challenge of designing around a vertical window. 

Texture, texture, texture -  As anticipated, we are already seeing a rising demand for more texture and depth. Whether it’s with wood, lacquer, matte lacquer or special materials like fluted stone, it’s a way for homeowners to incorporate a different feel and play around with design.

Metals as accents - Metal as an accent has been a trend in kitchen and bathroom design for a few years and one that will continue to stay popular this year. Minimalism is still a top trend in the design world but when designing a more minimal space, it’s easy for it to become dull or flat. Bringing in a metal like bronze or gold is the perfect way to maintain simplicity while creating a more dynamic look. 

Movable islands to maximize space - Mobile kitchen islands will become a more popular design trend in the future as people continue to maximize all of their existing space. Islands have always been an important part of kitchen design as they offer additional counter space for food preparation as well as a seating/gathering area and additional storage. In smaller spaces, stationary kitchen islands can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate, but movable islands can easily be shifted to emphasize available space without sacrificing counter space and storage.

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