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The Spa Treatment at Home

After a long day at the office, fighting traffic, or taking care of the kids, there is nothing more indulgent and relaxing than a rejuvenating trip to the spa. But with high prices and packed schedules, daily spa trips aren’t a reality for most. However, bringing the zen-like sanctuary of a spa to your own residence is an option for those who crave convenience, luxury, and their own personal haven at home. Scroll through Instagram, Houzz, or Pinterest, and you’ll find photos of  inviting soaking tubs, massive showers, and stunning finishes that make the ultimate #bathroomgoals. Investing in such luxuries might seem like too steep of a cost, but a bathroom remodel not only results in money saved in spa trips, but also provides a smart long term investment in the value of your home.

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The first step to achieving serenity is to declutter the space around you. Keeping organized with designated spaces keeps counters (and your mind) clear. Get personal, customized drawers that feature smart design like the ones from an ITALKRAFT design above for your own personal spa at home.

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A luxurious soaking tub is the perfect place to unwind with essential oils, warm water, and calming candles. This Italian, freestanding tub from ITALKRAFT features a timeless look that provides comfort, style, and support.

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Design your bathroom with mirrors of all sizes. Reflecting natural light, they will immediately make any room feel more spacious, giving the illusion of extra square footage.


Natural woods can bring nature indoors while also giving your space a depth of color and tone. When paired with a complimenting color palette, wood can seem as chic of a surface as any luxe marble.

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