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A small kitchen doesn’t have to limit design opportunities. By implementing simple space saving hacks, a tiny kitchen can accommodate the same needs as a large chef’s style kitchen. Expert designers from ITALKRAFT Italian design company have mastered smart kitchen design proving that regardless of the kitchen size, functionality and style are always attainable.

The first major space saving hack calls on properly utilizing drawers as organizational tools. Instead of having the common “junk drawer” that accumulates clutter and wastes precious space, integrate sectional dividers into kitchen drawers, like ITALKRAFT’s above, for utensils or even spices. Drawers have the potential to clear up vital cabinet and counter space when properly organized. Using dividers keeps things orderly by giving each item a designated home.


Appliances take up essential counter space, making small kitchens appear restricted. To maximize countertop space, take advantage of built-in appliances. Done correctly, built-ins seamlessly blend and exude sleek and modern design while creating the illusion of space. For appliances that cannot be built-in, consider floating shelves. Floating shelves support convenient cooking and keep countertops free. ITALKRAFT’s Bluna design seamlessly integrates built-in appliances and open shelving for the perfect smart kitchen design.


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