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REMODELING GUIDE: The Hidden Costs of DIY Renovations

Our addiction to HGTV may have us imagining our own ‘demo day’ to design our dream kitchen. However, while the idea of unleashing our inner Chip Gaines may seem exciting and easy, it’s important to remember that smart editing and the magic of television make the process of DIY renovations look more seamless than they actually are.

Though consultation and professional contractors may seem like a more expensive option at first glance, bringing in experts from the beginning often saves homeowners from running into unforeseen costly situations and hiccups along the way. Good experts will walk you through the entire process, from design and conception, to completion. We’ve asked the design team at ITALKRAFT, how their design process works and asked them to highlight the three big problems that ameteurs run into when attempting their own DIY remodel.



When first embarking on the remodeling process, you want to hire a team that you can

trust. A proper company will take the time to assist you even in the beginning stages. At ITALKRAFT, they have a four-step process that starts with consultants working with each client on their specific design and vision and doesn’t finish until the each imported, bespoke piece of the project is installed by a team of highly-trained technicians.


Ignoring Building Codes

Little knowledge of building codes forces DIY renovators to dig deep in their pockets, even after finishing a project. For example, building an island without an electrical outlet is against code. If reselling this home in the future, the entire island must be redone, costing double the money. A consultant considers and follows the codes throughout the remodel process.

Plumbing and Electricity

Making an error with plumbing and electricity can be not only inconvenient, but also extremely dangerous. An unforeseen error can damage work already done and lead to double the cost of fixing the problem and redoing the renovation. Not to mention, most plumbing and electric work requires permits. A consultant has experience and knows who to refer to for solutions.

Accidental Errors

Mistakes are expensive. Outsourcing a specialist from the start costs money but, their expertise saves big time on unexpected error. Even small miscalculations like mismeasuring cabinets or under-ordering supplies can add up.

When it comes to interior design and remodeling, consultants understands scale, spatial arrangement, materials, order and outsourcing ultimately saving time and money. Hiring an expert will make your renovation process enjoyable and hassle-free!


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