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Revolutionizing an industry that was once altogether utilitarian, Italkraft’s ennobled for changing the standard of operations and manufacturing in the field of kitchens, bathrooms, closets, wall interiors, and cabinetry design.

With the prestigious reputation that precedes them throughout Florida and the Latin American marketplace, the demand for delivering an exceptional product, services, and the immaculate industry experience they’re known for is ever expanding in the global arena with the succession of their highly anticipated New York showroom in Flatiron.

Tal Grunberg, Senior VP of Business Development at Italkraft disambiguates, “Its only befitting of us to have a physical presence here. We’re a progressive company with out-of-the-box thinking that’s involved in all realms of the design, install, and manufacturing process bringing a new level of project involvement that delineates “a headache” of compartmentalized steps. We view this showroom as a co-op workspace for architects, developers, and interior designers that instigates a dialogue to explore the creative freedoms with their clientele, with the result being a true collaboration in a catered and relaxed environment amidst the tools to excel.”

Monetizing the urban landscape of the Northeast region, Italkraft is strategic in understanding each markets economy and modeling them with a different price structure and a differentiated luxury product. Tal accentuates, “Each city has a deviating build momentum, some with the focus of condos, and others with high living rentals. For years, the distinguished client in New York was faced with many “No’s,” limited in their selections of purchasing a kitchen in one place, and then had to coordinate with a millwork shop to create the finishes; albeit production limitations. Sharpening the larger compass beyond furniture creation, we help to curate the living space that is uniquely your own.”

In continuing to break boundaries in the custom-build environment, Italkraft provides the resources to innovative choices of raw material selections of kitchen cabinetry, wall panels, interior doors, bathroom vanities, and closets manufactured in Italy with the same desired finishes imported and installed with their trained professionals. Tal adds, “Not do we only challenge limitations, but this is a periphery in the world of luxury cabinetry, meaning that we afford the developer design liberty that no other manufacturer allows with our control over manageability and affordability in production.”

In responding to the buyer and maximizing luxury, the kitchen is the center design of open-space living. Italkraft has extended that motif by advising clients on congruous lines in furniture, lighting accents, flooring, window treatments, and functional art pieces that enhance the beauty of a home.

“Being involved in the high-end kitchen design market both in retail and wholesale for over 15 years, there is no other company in our field that’s trained with the technological proficiency and standard capacity we have to “volumize” and cornerstone the market. We herald New York with the same vision as our Miami influence,
both in the exclusive single home residential and coverage of the cosmopolitan terrain. Our approach to each project is to nurture the care it deserves from the presentation of our showrooms to the context of design and collaboration,” pronounces Grunberg.

With a keen eye on for the contemporary – the summit of kitchen design and craftsmanship arrives at its New York location.

See the magic of Italkraft and magnify your dreams.


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